The rapidM2M ecosystem was specially developed for realising global M2M applications and is the only wireless embedded technology available on the market that enables completely seamless interaction between the various components. It comprises hardware, software, seamless integration into the M2M platform as well as international data transmission at a internationally standardised service rate, and is based on four pillars:


  • Efficient transmission protocol: Only application-relevant data is transmitted
  • Individual visualisation: Data is displayed automatically in form of graphs & reports
  • Low data volume: Permanent & automated data transmission at low operating costs
  • Energy-efficient hardware: Only application-relevant components are activated (ultra low power- see Modules Comparison)
  • Efficient program logic: Various simulation options, finished program logic is directly integrable into a market-ready product


  • Multi-level security concept in cooperation with TÜV and according to the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security):
    • Level 1: 256 Bit AES encryption (Diffie-Hellman key exchange)
    • Level 2: Device authentication (Elliptic Curve DSA)
    • Level 3: Hardware authentication via crypto chip
  • "End-to-end" encryption as well as local and server-side authentication
  • Due to storage-to-storage system


  • Optimised, industrial hardware components
  • Operating system with application virtualisation
    • SIM chip integrated into electronics
    • Feature-rich APIs
  • Mirroring of device software on the cloud
    • Feature-rich APIs
Data transmission:


  • Globally applicable Managed Services with European or global footprint
  • Direct cost control for devices all around the world & in real-time
  • Fully automatic and configuration-free data transmission for your M2M / IoT devices all around the world (plug & play)

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