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OEM Service

Offer the Microtronics portfolio to your customers in your personal branding and let them experience their familiar brand environment also in the fields of M2M.

Protective armours for field devices for example can be produced in your company color and equipped with your company logo. Other products like automation devicescan also be equipped with your company logo. Also the web platform can be adjusted to your personal CD. Additionally Microtronics offers branded user manuals and fact sheets. For ATEX certified devices the ATEX certificate can be adapted to your company name.

You can impress your own personal stamp on the following Microtronics products:
  • Device armours and housings
  • Automation devices
  • Web platform
  • User manuals
  • Factsheets
  • ATEX certification
OEM Service, Labeling

Module Integration

The rapidM2M technology by Microtronics turns your device into a M2M device. Microtronics supports you in extending your device with a rapidM2M component.

According to the integration depth Microtronics offers the appropriate module:
  • rapidM2M with housing and RS232 interface
  • rapidM2M architecture with rapidM2M RE and free choice of modem*
  • rapidM2M as module in PCIe packaging
  • rapidM2M in LGA packaging

* Already successfully integrated modems: Sierra Wireless (Q2686RD, SL6087 and GL6100), Telit (GL865, GE866 and GM862), Cinterion (BGS2-W) as well as ZTE (MG2639_V3)

Module integration

Development Support

GSM developments have high requirements concerning power supply and electromagnetic interference. This is a result of the module power consumption's extremedynamics that generates current peaks up to 2A in the microsecond range and high frequency fields with a power of up to 2W.

Microtronics supports you with M2M know how concerning:
  • The development of the GSM module's power supply
  • The choice and dimensioning of batteries
  • The choice of antennas for usage inside and outside the device

As application example Microtronics provides you with Gerber data and 3D data of the modules M11 and M120. Via 3D CAD software you can fit the GSM module orthe antenna into your device already during the design process.

Development Support

Production Preparation & Testing

Not all production facilities are equipped with GSM testing instruments. You can rent the Device Test Tool from Microtronics. Also the cabling of theneedle adapter for the Device Test Tool is also offered as a service.

Microtronics works out the testing specifications for the Device Test Tool with you and supports you with the creation of the testing software based on LabVIEW.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • evice test tool from Microtronics rentable
  • Cabling of needle adapter possible
  • Common working out of testing specifications
Device test tool