Consulting is given top priority at Microtronics, because our intention is for you the customer to obtain successful solutions for your business model. Microtronics thereforeoffers corresponding cooperation and technical support for the integration of M2M technology: From the concept through to implementation, the Microtronics team will be at your side to advise you. This means that you will have access to the company's expertise.

The objectives are the transfer of know-how and an optimized M2M solution to suit your business model.

Microtronics provides you with resources for the successful implementation of M2M technology in the following areas:
  • Development of your business model
  • Implementation of your business model
  • Selection of the components
  • Development of the applications
  • Support for the development of your business model
  • Sales support
  • Selection of the components
  • Development of the applications
  • Training
Consultancy and advisory services

Support for the development of your business model

On the basis of your personal M2M level Microtronics creates together with you a customized business model for your M2M area. As a result you obtain a tangible concept for implementation.

Microtronics and its experienced M2M consulting partners support you in the creation of your successful M2M business model.

With this concept you can optimize your business processes, expand and intensify your customer and supplier relations, allocate resources accordingly and thus reduce costs and generate added value.

Sales support

Did you already collect ideas for the integration of Machine-to-Machine technology?

Microtronics supports you with yearslong experience and profound expert knowledge in the fields of M2M. Microtronics offers workshops for your sales team,supports them with compiling offers or biddings and accompanies your team to customer meetings. Together with your team Microtronics prepares the ideal solution for the realisation of your customers' requirements and a corresponding road map.

Selection of components

Selection of the right components is essential for the success of your M2M business model. Microtronics not only supports you in selecting the products and services that match your needs, but also assists you with the efficient integration of these into your product process and into your IT infrastructure.

Whether you want to incorporate M2M technology into an existing product or system or expand your hardware: Microtronics will be by your side with know-how gained over many years on the subject of M2M integration ranging from device level to server level when you take the significant steps required for the implementation of your M2M projects.

  • Support in determining the optimal hardware or firmware
  • Advice on the wiring regulations for modules
  • Advice on the connection of sensors and the matching configuration
  • Support in selecting and configuring suitable server modules
  • Advice on the selection of IT interfaces
  • Support for the integration of middleware into your IT infrastructure

The many years of know-how of Microtronics in the field of hardware development also help to facilitate the implementation of your customized special solutions.

Development of applications

Microtronics develops the best possible parameters for efficient applications together with you.

  • Data density, i.e. among other things
    • How often is data collected?
    • What data is collected?
  • Reaction times
    • Availability online and offline
  • Device models for sale such as
    • Conditions of payment
    • Purchase, renting, leasing, etc.
  • SLAs for:
    • Availability
    • Defined KPIs
    • Updates
    • Data communication
    • Support

Consulting partner of Microtronics

Digitized Rebels
Karl-Heinz Sauter