Real-time inventory management

TeDaLoS is a flexible system for real-time monitoring from a distance. With Vendor Managed Inventory you ensure that there is always enough, but never too much. Whether you want to provide this as a service to your customers or to easily locate distributed warehouses with potentially non-stocked merchandise groups, TeDaLos is the right solution for you.

TeDaLos provides business intelligence that can make important decisions based on the information about the quantity, state and location of your goods. With TeDaLoS almost all products can be monitored – mobile and cross-border. For this purpose, large sensor units are offered for pallets and smaller ones, for e.g. paper or screws.

The technology of Microtronics

Microtronics rapidM2M modules are integrated into the TeDaLoS hardware. In addition to the quantity of stock, temperature and position data are monitored. The data are transferred to the central server software. The transmission of data via GSM makes you independent of the existing infrastructure. br

On the TeDaLoS server the data is preprocessed and sent to your leading system, e.g. ERP system, provided via interfaces. Remote control of the physically existing inventory and automated repeat order are, besides recognizing the state of the goods and the exact position, a significant added value in your supply chain.


Product characteristics

  • No complex installation process
  • High-mobility and wireless with real-time monitoring
  • Connection to your leading system
  • Automated reordering already integrated
  • Independent of existing infrastructure

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