Vital parameter monitoring

sticklett has been producing clothing with removable and changeable applications. Once the beloved T-shirt has to go into the laundry, the motif is simply removed and affixed to a clean T-shirt.

sticklett facilitates the choice of clothing for children and parents. Especially in the early morning hours diverse conflicts can arise from this subject.

Together with Microtronics sticklett has developed an intelligent application with the little ladybird Mary. Not only is Mary pretty to look at, she also monitors the child’s vital signs and raises alarms in unusual situations.

Mary monitors the temperature, activity and respiration of the child. Mary is used at night or in the case of illness of the child. An exaggerated control mania should not be caused. Mary helps with a healthy lifestyle and helps you when you need her.

As a parent, allow yourself the relaxation and tranquility you need. Relax in the bathtub with a book and chill while the child is already asleep. If the child begins to sleepwalk, or if there are any abnormalities in the vital signs, Mary notifies you immediately.

In case of illness, thanks to Mary, you benefit from a continuous temperature measurement. Partens and children are spared any stress caused by the application of clinical thermometers.

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sticklett - vital monitoring of kids

The complete solution from Microtronics

  • Hardware development (circuit diagram, CAD design)
  • Firmware
  • Software (“baby monitor” function, detection of febrile spasms, detection of respiratory arrest, detection of spasms)
  • Transmission of data via GSM to the server
  • Server (archiving of data, graphical analysis, alarm via SMS, data available via the API)

The cooperation with Microtronics

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Product characteristics

  • Monitoring body temperature, breathing and activity
  • Transmission of the values via GSM
  • Alerting in case of abnormalities
  • Continuous recording of the values

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