Smart Stadium

Demonstration unit & tutorial for workshops

The Smart Stadium demonstration unit uses a simple example to show the interaction of hardware, script and dashboard. When interrupting the left-hand photoelectric sensor an entering to the stadium is simulated. Leaving the stadium is simulated with interrupting the right-hand photoelectric sensor. The script adds each single pulse (interruptions of the sensor) for the entrance and the exit of the stadium separately and calculates the difference.

3 counts are sent to the cloud for presentation on the dashboard. This makes it possible to determine how many people have entered the stadium, how many are currently in it and how many have left the stadium already at any time. At the end of the event, the counters can be reset by pressing the button and the Smart Stadium demonstrator is ready for the next event.

The tutorial Smart Stadium shows how easy it is to record signals and process the information. Pulse generators can be found in a wide variety of applications. The presentation of their data is often required and is illustrated with this demonstration unit. From the monitoring of energy flows, inventories or the counting of persons and much more – the imagination and the applications are limitless.

Smart Stadium Demonstration unit

The cooperation with Microtronics

The Smart Stadium demonstrator unit was developed for a T-Mobile Austria workshop at the Allianz Stadium.

All documents for the tutorial are available online.

Free workshops for schools and companies are offered in a timeframe of about 2 hours.

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