The myDatalogEASY IoT is industry 4.0 ready and supports Augmented Reality (AR).

The myDatalogEASY IoT is an industry 4.0 compatible data logger for the recording, transmission and processing of sensor signals in facilities. The data is buffered on the device and can be processed using scripts. They are transmitted to the central server via mobile radio at freely selectable intervals. Among other things, the server provides connectivity and device management. The data can optionally be imported into other systems via the API.

Luxurious clamping space

Four universal inputs for analogue or digital sensors, one input for an external temperature sensor and serial interfaces (RS232, RS485) are available for the recording of sensor data. The sensors are guided inwards via the three cable glands. The luxuriously dimensioned clamping space in the housing facilitates the cabling.

The GPS option, as well as an internal antenna, can be installed directly in the housing. It is possible to connect up to three antennas to the device at the same time. Thus, for example, a combination of LPWAN and LTE Cat M1 can be realized.

Power supply

The myDatalogEASY IoT can be supplied either by battery, rechargeable battery or by a direct power supply. The PSU is equipped with a serial number. The connected sensors can be powered directly via the myDatalogEASY IoT. The state of charge is transmitted with the measured values, is visible on the server interface and can also be altered if the value falls below a threshold.

Product characteristics

  • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • 3 switchable supply voltages for sensors
  • Isolated switch contact for the signal output
  • Compact design with internal battery compartment and sufficient space for wiring in the housing
  • Optional battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
  • Exact calculation of the battery / rechargeable battery charge using Coulomb method
  • Integrated charge controller
  • Ultra Low Power mode
  • GPS option (optional) can be built into the housing
  • Connection of up to 3 antennas simultaneously (e.g. LPWAN and LTE Cat M1 combination)
  • Configuration of the device via web portal
  • Very low commissioning and operating costs
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock
  • Integrated durable SIM chip

Suitable for industry 4.0 and AR

The measuring point identifier on myDatalogEASY IoT identifies the data logger. The data logger is either attached to the housing in analogue form or optionally shown on a display. The display can also be used to show the current measured values directly on site.

The barcode on the myDatalogEASY IoT is connected with a link or additional functionality and represents the basis for Augmented Reality (AR) applications. For example, the barcode leads to standardized data, such as the curriculum vitae of the product. Thus, the criteria semantics and virtual description for industry 4.0 are fulfilled.

Industry 4.0 communication is realized via mobile radio. The recorded measured values are transmitted to the central web platform. With the REST API, the data can be securely integrated to third-party systems via https.

A comprehensive security concept protects the communication paths and the data. Since security is not a unique issue, but an ongoing process, mechanisms for over-the-air updates have been developed.

Smart City

The myDatalogEASY IoT is the basis for a smart city sensor network. The connections for industrial sensors can be used, for example, to connect environmental sensors to measure fine dust, noise, temperature, gases and much more.

Via the BLE interface, data from various Bluetooth sensors can be combined within the range of the myDatalogEASY IoT. It then transmits the collected data via mobile radio or LPWAN to the web platform.

Via the API on the web platform, the data can be integrated into other systems without media disruption.


myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/4G EUmyDatalogEASY IoT 3G WorldmyDatalogEASY IoT 2G/M1/NB1 World
Art. Nr.:300981301002301003
Inputs:4 x analogue or digital or
  • 0...20mA / 4...20mA
  • 0...2V / 0...10V
  • PWM
  • Frequency
  • Digital / Counter

1 x ext. temperature sensor (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
Serial interface:1 x RS232 (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
1 x RS485 (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
Outputs:1 x isolated switch contact
2 x 3,3V power supply
1 x switchable, selectable power supply (5...24V)
Programming:PAWN Script (scripting language similar to C) with rapidM2M Studio
Degree of protection:IP66
Power supply:Battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
Data transmission:2G/4G Europe:
  • 2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
  • LTE CAT1 B3, B7, B20
2G/3G World:
  • 2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
  • 2G GPRS 850MHz / 1900MHz
  • UMTS B1, B2, B5, B8, B19
2G/M1/NB1 World:
  • 2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
  • 2G GPRS 850MHz / 1900MHz
  • LTE B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B20, B26, B28
SIM:Integrated SIM chip
Required server version:46.22
Schematic myDatalogEASY IoT
  • Individual labeling
  • Customized housing colour
  • Type plate and certificates
  • Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet