LED display of the Austrian Lotteries

The LED display of the Austrian Lotteries promote the amount of the jackpot effectively.

The LED display is used for the display and central administration of info messages in the outdoor area of lottery retail outlets. The messages on the LED display mainly communicate the current jackpot amount. Only a permanent power supply is required for operation. The displayed messages are centrally controlled and transmitted from the server to the device via GSM. This does not result in additional costs for the retail outlets.

The backend includes a content and user management. According to the two man rule, there are users who create messages and users who are allowed to publish messages. The central control of the messages allows a quick reaction and an update throughout Austria immediately after the lottery numbers are drawn.

The LED display has additional features such as an integrated brightness sensor for automatically adjusting the luminosity to the ambient light. To enable operation even at low temperatures a heating module is installed in the LED display.

Product characteristics

  • Effective promotion for the amount of the jackpot
  • Fast, uniform distribution of advertising messages
  • Mobile data transfer with a SIM card from T-Mobile
  • Centralized management of the messages
  • No additional effort for the retail outlets
  • Heating module for operation at low temperatures
  • Brightness sensor for automatic adjustment of luminous intensity to ambient light
  • Integrated content management
LED Display

The cooperation with Microtronics

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Austrian Lotteries LED Display