With iMow mowing the lawn becomes a pleasure

With the robotic lawnmowers of the iMow C series of VIKING lawn mowing is guided by the motto „You do whatever you want, iMow“. The “C” stands for communication and already hints the additional options.

The solution

Create a mowing plan with the smartphone app

The iMow can be easily controlled via smartphone. If you want to change your mowing plan once, you can do this also via the app. You are not satisfied with an area in your garden and want that the iMow cares this area particularly intense? This can be easily adjusted via the app and the area gets some extra attention.

Observe your iMow remotely or interrupt its work with a single click. So the children can play unhampered. Once the lawn is free again, the iMow is unperturbed doing its work again.

Theft protection

Should ones enviers or even thefts have interest in your iMow, there is a protection for this case. If the iMow leaves a defined home range, it can alert you via SMS. With the integrated GPS tracking you can have a look where your iMow are.

The technology from Microtronics

The iMow C models from VIKING are equipped with the technology from Microtronics. Microtronics has thereby made the integration of the modules into the existing hardware and wrote the software. An extensive multi-user management with very high safety requirements and different rights was realized. Therefore, the Microtronics server platform was precisely adapted to the individual needs and requirements of VIKING.

Do what ever you want, iMow

Product characteristics

  • Creation of highly customizable mowing plans
  • Can be operated via smartphone app
  • SMS alert when leaving a predetermined range
  • Localization in case of theft

The cooperation with Microtronics

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