Intelligent water management system

The tourist resort Obertauern has its own water management system with 39 stations for monitoring and controlling water supply and water consumption. Due to a wide variety of interest groups, pressure is created on the limited, vital resource of water.

The intelligent water management system connects drinking water systems to snow-making systems. Flows in rivers,groundwater levels as well as bogs of a Natura 2000 area are monitored. An intelligent water network with incredible functionality was created.

The technology

As a system integrator cell GmbH has planned and implemented this comprehensive water management system. You will appreciate the benefits of Microtronics’ product range. An EASY PCB E23x is used to monitor the bogs. Among other things the groundwater level is measured with the myDatalogNANO. The myDatalogMUCmini calculates measured values directly on the device and ensures cross-station control. All data is collected on the central server platform and visualized on the web interface.

intelligentes Wassermanagementsystem von cell GmbH


cell GmbH develops customer- and application-specific solutions based on the core technology of Microtronics. If the standard devices from the Microtronics product portfolio do not offer the needed application-specific scope of functions or if special solutions are required, cell GmbH develops its own products using the rapidM2M platform. The results are application-oriented solutions and websites that are tailored exactly to the needs of the customer.

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