Microtronics IoT Suite

Microtronics IoT Suite

The Microtronics IoT Suite supports your IoT project from the idea to the development and operation of a globally successful IoT solution.

Microtronics IoT Suite

Development Environment

The IDE rapidM2M Studio supports you in the development and adaptation of your IoT application. You make all code changes centrally in the rapidM2M Studio.

Libs and documentation ensure a fast start and smooth progress. While the CodeBed offers everything you need for development, the TestBed deals with testing your application.

Optionally you can share programs with your colleagues and the community. Version management also ensures a regulated update mechanism.

Development Tools

The basis of all this magic are the rapidM2M modules with the rapidM2M RTOS. The fully integrated hardware already solves a multitude of standard tasks. At the same time, it offers you the necessary flexibility to precisely map and expand your requirements.

Three development tools are available for a quick start:

  • rapidM2M Education - Cost-effective start with Bluetooth interface for data acquisition
  • rapidM2M Base Starter - Comprehensive Developer Board with a multitude of integrated sensors
  • rapidM2M Industrial - Housed rapidM2M module for control cabinet mounting with universal inputs
Development Tools
Security- & Device Management

Security- & Device Management

Security from IoT Devices is not a one-off act, but is subject to continuous improvement. Therefore, mechanisms have been developed to exchange existing software components over-the-air (OTA) and to update not only firmware and application script, but also security.

The rapidM2M portal also offers comprehensive device management, which offers enormous advantages even for small quantities. Software and hardware statuses, position, reception and connection quality, battery charge status, access rights, device logs, application management and much more are controlled via device management.

Testtool, Production

The production of IoT solutions that are ready for the market or series production requires tools and processes with regard to testing and production that ensure the quality of the products and optimize the process.

The function of the electronic assemblies must be ensured by means of in-circuit tests (ICT). Soldering faults or interruptions or short circuits in the conductor path are thus detected at an early stage. Calibration of the modules may also be necessary.

The programming of the assemblies and end-of-line tests are further significant steps in the production process. By creating a curriculum vitae and attaching the type plate, the assembly or IoT product is brought to life.

The adaptable measuring and testing system MARVpro takes over all these tasks.

Testtool, Production
Websocket, REST API

Websocket, REST API

The data of your devices and machines are stored on the central rapidM2M portal. Visualization elements allow an initial presentation and evaluation. These facilitate the start and development of your IoT application.

However, it is usually necessary to integrate the data into (existing) third-party systems or to implement them into a web interface or app. Therefore a REST API with extended functionality as well as a websocket functionality is provided.

The data is transferred encrypted. Role-based user authentication is also available.

Connectivity Management

The integrity and the associated trust in the correctness of the data is significant for IoT applications. This plays a central role not only in applications in which fully automatic controls are performed on the basis of the measured values.

rapidM2M provides a predefined data structure in order to guarantee basic functionality of the device or the machine independent of the application. A freely definable area is also provided for your application-specific data blocks.

For the efficient realization of a digital twin, rapidM2M comes with a time stamp synchronization. An unavoidable feature for a functioning time management and to bring the data into the correct sequence.

Connectivity Managments
Partner Portal

Partner Portal

The rapidM2M Partner Portal is the central starting point and an extensive collection of knowledge. Here you will find all the tools and information you need to develop and operate your IoT solution.

You get access to the Development Environment rapidM2M Studio, the rapidM2M Portal and the Playground of the API. Sample codes, tutorials and comprehensive documentation make it easy to get started and make progress.

In the forum you will not only network with other rapidM2M developers, but also exchange information directly with Microtronics experts.

300 projects in 80 countries

The versatility and flexibility of the Microtronics IoT Suite can be seen in over 300 successfully implemented projects. From the measurement of the H2S gas produced in sewages to the monitoring of disinfection cycles in hospitals, Smart Grid monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions, the areas and industries in which IoT solutions are implemented are diverse.

Globally uniform tariffs with integrated SIM management ensure calculable business models. With multi-roaming GSM data transmission, you always automatically use the strongest network available.

Due to the hardware separation of MCU and uplink, the transmission technology can be exchanged. GSM, LTE, LoRa, BLE, NB-IoT, LAN, WiFi - adapt the communication to your application and requirements.

300 projects in 80 countries

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