IoT Advisory - Gerhard Auer und Stefan Winkler

Advisory Process

The advisory process is based on our extensive and long-term experience in the design and implementation of overall IoT solutions.

However, we also know that every customer is unique, so the process can be individually adapted to your needs. The initial phase is tailored to the specific customer focus. We distinguish between:

Implementation Focus

The focus is on the development and implementation of a defined product. Together we examine the entire product life cycle starting from the customer journey. In this way, we develop all necessary fields of action. On this basis, a roadmap for the concrete implementation project is created.

Holistic Approach

The holistic approach is about strategic medium-term planning regarding IoT. Using the business model, a companywide IoT project roadmap is developed before the implementation is started step by step or several implementation projects are launched.

These are the questions that are jointly developed in the holistic approach:

  • How can I secure my existing business with IoT?
  • How can I build a new business model with IoT?
  • What can I do myself, what can I not do?
  • Which partners do I need?
  • What skills do I need to build up?
  • What new processes do I need, how do I adapt existing ones?
  • What organisational steps do I need to bring an IoT product to the ground?
  • How do I specify requirements?
  • How can I calculate and charge a business model?
Advisory Architektur / IoT Partner Pool
Gerhard Auer Microtronics


A sustainable architecture focuses on customer benefits in terms of function and quality and enables efficient operation of your IoT solution. It combines the data of your product in the field with internal IT systems and those of your business partners. In this way, your IoT solution efficiently and sustainably generates added value for your customers.

An architecture tailored to your purpose enables the integration of existing and future systems and makes your investment future-proof. In addition to internal systems, we support you in the organisation and creation of interfaces to customers, business and manufacturing partners. Scalability, quality, security and data protection are a matter of course for us.

Advisory Architecture / IoT Partner Pool

IoT Organisation

IoT-Organisation - interdisciplinary projects

An interdisciplinary project is always necessary to implement a comprehensive IoT solution. People from different areas work together to achieve a common goal. Often new skills are required that are not yet available in the company.

Advisory is your partner on a par for a holistic, continuous support.

We support you in stakeholder management from the management board, the development department, production to sales, marketing and to the end customers.

We help you to build up the skills needed in your company to create an organisation that can sustainably operate and further develop your IoT solution.

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