Microtronics offers the all-round package for your M2M applications

Microtronics made it its aim to provide you with the most efficient, secure and stable tools for the realisation and operation of your Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet ofThings (IoT) applications. The rapidM2M ecosystem provides you and your partners with all components required for a successful M2M / IoT business model from one single source. This ensures that you get the most out of your M2M / IoT applications.

The extremely efficient data transmission protocol, the globally stable data transmission at internationally standardised service rates, and the comprehensive support are the core competencies of Microtronics. The comparison with classic M2M solutions shows the competitive advantages working with Microtronics offers you.

Comparing Microtronics

Data transmission technology

Classic M2M solution
Frequently standard protocols like http or VPN that are not optimised for the realisation and operation of M2M / IoT applications are used. This implies:
  • No permanent data transmission for devices / machines possible
  • Enables only manual remote service access
  • Is often used only event-based
  • Complex de facto handling with organisational obstacles
  • Inefficient technology that leads to high operational costs
Traditional data transmission
The rapidM2M data transmission protocol was specially designed for the quick realisation and efficient operation of M2M / IoT applications. Only application-relevant data is transmitted. This implies:
  • Permanent and automated data transmission for devices / machines
  • Optimised for bidirectional data transmission, monitoring and control
  • Easy de facto handling
  • Secure data transmission due to 256 Bit AES encryption
  • Extremely efficient technology for low operational costs
Microtronics M2M model

Footprint & Coverage

Classic M2M solution
In classic M2M solutions an M2M / IoT application is often managed by different telecommunication providers. This implies:
  • Different SIM cards with different rights
  • Various tariffs, tariff zones and billing models for different roaming zones
  • Insufficient monitoring of data consumption and costs for global applications
  • Real time billing hardly practicable
Traditional M2M model
The Managed Service by Microtronics includes international data transmission at a internationally standardised service rate. Wherever you may use a device by Microtronics, the best available GSM network is used automatically:
  • Managed Service SIM cards are globally applicable (European or global Footprint available)
  • Internationally standardised, calculable service rates
  • Direct cost control of devices in real time, worldwide
  • Worldwide fully automatic data transmission without any configuration efforts for your M2M / IoT devices (plug & play)
Microtronics M2M model footprint


Classic M2M solution
To realise a M2M / IoT project a lot of different components are required. If no complete solution is offered, hardware and software has to be obtained from different suppliers that usually do not offer overall support. This implies:
  • No central contact person for the whole M2M solution
  • No development support
  • Complex management of different suppliers
  • Operational costs are increasing
Traditional approach
Microtronics offers you comprehensive support in all phases of your M2M / IoT project. Additionally you can use the Professional Service which includes among others OEM services and development support:
  • Central contact person for the whole M2M / IoT project
  • Access to the M2M know how of Microtronics
  • All relevant information comes from one single source
  • Additional 24/7 support on demand
Microtronics Support