Efficiency. Security. Stability.

Since 2006 Microtronics Engineering GmbH has been enriching the international M2M market with developments and technologies that set new standards and provide the customer with valuable tools enabling you to increase your productivity, simplify your work processes and develop new business and revenue models.

CEO Hans-Peter Buber and CFO Stefan Pfeffer have been on board from the very start, having laid the foundation stone for the present reputation of Microtronics, i.e. that for both national and international customers Microtronics stands for efficiency, security and stability.

Microtronics's product range covers wireless GSM data transmission technology enabling data interchange between devices and machines, mobile data acquisition devices for data collection and data monitoring in the field as well as visual representation and storage of data on a central server.

The special feature of this is: Microtronics offers all of the components required for the implementation of your M2M projects from one source and at an internationally valid service tariff. Microtronics's complete solutions mean successful business models that are adaptable flexibly to your personal needs and to the ever-changing requirements of the market.

Microtronics Engineering GmbH
"Microtronics is a complete solutions provider that compiles an overall system consisting of hardware, software, communication andvisualization - either standardized or fully customized to match the client's requirements.", CEO Hans-Peter Buber


Hans-Peter Buber und Stefan Pfeffer
"Long-term growth and sustained development are the key objectives of Microtronics. We place great emphasis on the utilization of regional resources. We also strive to open up new international markets", CFO Stefan Pfeffer


We live M2M.

Microtronics Engineering GmbH stands for very high quality state-of-the-art products and services in the field of GSM-based M2M data transmission. To do justice to this claim, Microtronics plans and monitors all processes exactingly and bases all decisions on the following corporate values:
  • Functional and target-orientated corporate management
  • Safeguarding of the interests of our shareholders/stakeholders in an intensive network
  • Transparency of corporate communication and the appropriate handling of risks
  • Management decisions with sustainability, guaranteeing long-term value creation

Thanks to its wide portfolio of innovative solutions Microtronics is able to offer you the client efficiency, security and stability.

The Microtronics's team experiences the best possible advancement. Microtronics values independent working methods and therefore offers the team the appropriate discretion, safety at the workplace and advanced training opportunities.

Microtronics places special emphasis on a partner-like relationship with its suppliers. This enables Microtronics to meet your high quality requirements.

Microtronics maintains close contacts with investors and banks, ensuring an optimal environment for utilization of the company's full potential.

Extremely flexible reactions to changing market conditions and its concentration on customers' needs enable Microtronics to continually better, improve its products and services. The use of local resources and the resulting value creation are decisive criteria for the success of the company.