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Groundwater measurement in mining galleries

In Kohnstein in Thuringia, five measurement sites monitor the influence of anhydrite mining on the groundwater level. In the widely branched underground mining gallery there are historical parts that are flooded by groundwater.

UTK Eco Sens has installed a monitoring system to keep the groundwater level constant, conserve the historical tunnels and at the same time allow further mining of anhydrite.

Due to official requirements, the groundwater level of two chambers must be regularly transmitted to the authorities. In total five measuring points were set up to monitor the groundwater level.

Depending on soil conditions, for example, water infiltrates more quickly and precipitation is obvious or hardly visible. In order to be able to react more effectively and earlier, a comprehensive picture is generated with the five measuring points.

Due to the lack of infrastructure, up to 40 meters had to be drilled through the rock into the chambers. On the surface there are myDatalogMUC and myDatalogEASY V3 devices with a solar panel for stand-alone operation. These send the data via GSM to the central web interface.

The data can be viewed by the engineering office and the authorities via the online platform and the FTP report. If the groundwater level falls below a threshold, an alarm is automatically generated.

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UTK EcoSens - groundwater measuring system

Product characteristics

  • Measured values from 5 sites are called up centrally and uniformly
  • Automatic alarm via e-mail, SMS or call when groundwater level falls below a threshold
  • Self-sufficient operation of the measuring site with solar panel
  • Transmission of the measured values from the mining gallery with GSM
  • Rights management on the central web platform
  • Fulfilment of official requirements
  • FTP report

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