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Climate measurements with trams

Profile measurement drives are carried out in Jena with two trams and a bus. With Microtronics’ technology UTK EcoSens GmbH has develop a self-sufficient measuring system that does not interfere with the vehicle’s electrical system. The collected data is used, among other things, for air pollution control plans based on EU regulations and national laws.

A myDatalogEASY V3 with two solar panels and meteorological sensor is installed on the roof of the tram or bus to implement this rolling measurement system for climate measurements and climate reports.

The recorded data is buffered on the myDatalogEASY V3 and transmitted to the central web platform via 2G/3G every two hours. In addition to payload data (temperature, humidity, GPS position), technical metadata (reception quality, rechargeable battery voltage) is recorded. This ensures that the system works properly.

All customers or means of transport are clearly displayed on the central web platform. In addition, detailed evaluations can be called up.

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UTK EcoSens - climate measurement

Product characteristics

  • Climate measurements on mobile means of transport
  • Implementation of air pollution control plans with long-term monitoring
  • No intervention in the electrical system of the means of transport necessary
  • Self-sufficient power supply with solar panel
  • Data transmission via 2G/3G
  • GPS positioning
  • Local buffering of the data
  • Transmission to the central web platform of payload and technical metadata every two hours

The cooperation with Microtronics

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