Monitoring of the flood protection system Machland-Damm

A typical day in August: The sun shines and you enjoy a delicious ice cream before jumping into the cool water of the swimming pond. A welcome refreshment.

But not so in August 2002. Days of persistent rainfall cause water levels to rise continuously and keep the people in suspense. A flood of the century strikes Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic and causes damage totalling 15 billion euros.

Machland in Upper Austria was particularly affected. In Mitterkirchen 96% of the houses were destroyed or damaged by the flood.

Machland-Damm to protect against water masses

The flood of 2002 shows once again the relevance of the construction of a flood facility. Since 2012 the Machland-Damm stretches over 36 kilometres, from Mauthausen to Sankt Nikola. It protects 22,400 people.

Less than a year after completion, the Machland-Damm has already done a good job.

The cooperation with Microtronics

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The technology from Microtronics

In order to measure the pressure on the embankment formation level in the event of a flood, Inteso GmbH set up several gauging stations. For this purpose, the level pipes were equipped with pressure probes and connected to the myDatalogNANO. According to the protection class IP68 the myDatalogNANO is made for permanent immersion. Thanks to the compact design, installation in the existing level pipes was simple.

The measured values are transmitted to a central server in regular intervals. This remote transmission enables all groundwater level measuring points to be interrogated from the central station.

In the event of a flood, the system can also be used to support the fire brigades. The measured values help to assess the situation better and more comfortably. Therefore it is possible to adjust the measuring and transmission intervals and to get current measured values faster.

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IoT in Use

myDatalogNANO in use at beim Machlland-Damm