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IoT for dentists and dental practices

ioDent® are smart, digital solutions for dentists and dental practices. With innovative solutions, W&H provides new treatment processes and increases user satisfaction.

W&H ioDent® Gateway

With the ioDent® gateway, data from surgical devices or sterilizers, for example are recorded and securely transmitted. In this way, for example, maintenance can be planned according to requirements or work processes can be automatically logged. The legally required traceability and treatment documentation is significantly simplified and the flood of paper is stopped. In addition, treatments can be conveniently planned on the ioDent® online platform and transmitted over-the-air (OTA) to the respective W&H unit via the gateway.

ioDent® enables the realisation of market-specific business models. Advantages are the improvement of service quality and a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

The online dashboard provides an overview of all devices. The map shows where the devices are located. Operating parameters enable predictive maintenance.

At the same time, the fully automated documentation of work processes, e.g. in implantology or the legally required hygiene measures in the area of sterilisation of instruments, handpieces and contra-angles, takes place.

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The cooperation with Microtronics

The ioDent® gateway, jointly developed by W&H and Microtronics, records data directly in the dental practice. The ioDent® gateway enables the acquisition and transmission of data from various W&H devices. The data is transferred to the ioDent® platform.

The platform offers additional customer-oriented services such as traceability, automated reordering, predictive maintenance and much more.

The concept allows the ecosystem to be easily expanded with new services and the connection of further W&H devices.

Product features

  • Wireless data transfer with ioDent® gateway to the central IoT platform
  • Central monitoring platform for all devices
  • Automated traceability
  • Predictive maintenance and services

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