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Monitoring of hedgehogs

The winters are becoming milder and some days are clearly too warm. This can result in hedgehogs coming out of hibernation far too early. If they leave their burrows early, foraging may be unsuccessful.

Hedgehog Survival System

That is why Nicole Auer and Verena Lugbauer have developed a monitoring system for hedgehogs in the course of their diploma thesis at the IT-HTL Ybbs an der Donau. The Hedgehog Survival System monitors the CO2 content, the temperature as well as the air humidity in the burrow. The utilised sensors are connected to a rapidM2M M3.

The values are transmitted periodically to the central cloud via mobile communication. This enables alerting the user via e-mail when exceeding or undercutting a defined threshold. Now the user can check if the hedgehog has come out of hibernation and provide food if necessary.

In the course of the diploma project the students developed a script for the microcontroller, printed a 3D case for the Hedgehog Survival System and clearly presented all data in an app. Using the REST API, the measurement data could be displayed easily in the app.

Hardware des Hedgehog Survival System
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