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The issue of mobility has always been a relevant topic in cities. It is closely linked to growth and progress. Innovative mobility concepts are in demand especially with regard to smart cities.

Sharing concepts are very popular in urban mobility. For the residents the access to mobility is more important than owning a car, moped or other means of transport.

With smart e-mopeds go urban takes advantage of several innovative factors. In addition to the sharing business model, goUrban uses electrical mopeds and exchanges relevant data with the central server. These data are used to display in the app and provide goUrban with the necessary maintenance information for their vehicles.

The app for Android and iOS shows all available e-mopeds in Vienna. In addition to the current position, the user sees how many minutes he has to walk to the goUrban e-moped and the current charging status of the e-moped.

An e-moped can be reserved free of charge for the next 15 minutes. So the user ensures that the goUrban e-moped nearby is still available when he arrives.

The cooperation with Microtronics

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The technology from Microtronics

goUrban used an IoT Box* for the communication. With pushing the button in the app, the helmet locker is unlocked and the e-moped can be started. With the IoT Box and the provided libraries, goUrban was able to realise this functionality in a short time.

The current charging status of the e-moped is transmitted via the IoT Box to the central server and displayed in the app. If the battery level falls below a defined threshold, goUrban receives a warning. goUrban knows exactly which e-mopeds need to be reloaded.

*The IoT Box was develop by Microtronics together with T-Mobile Austria.

Zitat goUrban CTO Bojan Jukic

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Smart mobility

Smart mobility