Energy monitoring and energy management

The company EUDT develops and implements high-quality software solutions and complete systems in the field of energy monitoring and energy management.

Therefore, their own energy management system BLUAUL was developed. BLUAUL is certified according to ISO 50001. Energy flows in a wide variety of buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings and shopping centres are recorded and analysed.

Together with their customer a meter concept is always developed first. This involves analysing which energy flows and consumption should be monitored. In this way, the customer’s goals, such as reducing energy consumption or costs, can be optimally supported.

The challenge is where to get the necessary data from and how or with which hardware it can be recorded.

There are situations where certain measuring points cannot be connected via cable. The myDatalogMUCmini is a great device for data acquisition for machines and devices with its various interfaces (RS485, RS232, analogue and digital inputs). The device collects data and transmits them collectively via mobile radio.

High data quality is a top priority for EUDT. The recorded data is therefore always checked for plausibility and completeness. The data is then made available to the customer in reports. The web-based energy monitoring system displays average values every quarter of an hour.

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