Digitalization of water meters – Smart meter

Bernhardt’s Söhne GmbH has been producing water meter for over 150 years. In order to keep up with the times, these meters have been continuously developed.

The latest innovation is a water meter, which records values every 15 minutes and transfer them to the Internet using LoRa. The LoRaWAN of SENS (a joint venture of Kapsch BusinessCom, Microtronics and ors) and their expert knowledge in technology issues is used for this.

Water meters are often installed in inaccessible places, such as shafts or cellars. This is a particular challenge when it comes to radio data transmission. Due to the penetration depth of LoRaWAN, this technology is particularly attractive for such applications.

Big Data in the water management

In Europe we have 20% water loss due to leaking pipes. The average pipeline network is more than 50 years old. With such monitoring, losses become visible. Leaks appear just in time as a warning message on the mobile phone and prompt action can be taken.

Creeping water losses in apartments or hotel complexes can thus also be detected. This is relevant if, for example, tenants or hotel guests do not report faulty toilet flushing. Here are high potentials for savings.

A further possibility is the release of alarms, if continuous water consumption is measured, although nobody is at home. This “holiday mode” can prevent unpleasant surprises after a relaxing holiday.

Bernhardt water meter - Smart Meter

Product characteristics

  • Transmission of values at 15 minutes intervals
  • New applications due to regular meter values
  • Avoidance of water loss
  • Use of LoRa
  • Good building penetration
  • Possibility of bidirectional communication
  • Integration of highest security requirements

The cooperation with Microtronics

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