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We collect and transfer data securely and efficiently. Secure access to the data is provided via an open web-interface.

Fast start of your IoT project

Fast Start

Reliable data worldwide

Reliable data

Reduced risk in development and operation

Reduced risk

technische Reife

Technical maturity

The diverse basic functionalities form a solid foundation on which you can build your application. The industrial-grade products offer not only security, but also connectivity by design as a standard. The route of your data from the collection in the field to the standardized web interface is fully integrated. The predefined data structure supports the generation of the digital twin of your machines, devices and products.

The reliability of the data comes first. It is the basis for advanced AI, blockchain or business intelligence solutions.

While many of the challenges along the entire product life cycle have already been solved out-of-the-box, the necessary flexibility is retained to implement your application without compromise.

High scalability

Process that are practicable with one or two connected devices quickly scupper the entire IoT project when it comes to larger quantities. For distributed applications lifecycle and device management are essential. Software versions as well as updates over-the-air, maintenance cycles and much more have to be considered.

Comprehensive security management must be implemented across the entire value chain. Confidentiality, integrity, encryption and takes to protect availability are just a few keywords. As a continuous process, security is not done with a single implementation.

In the production measurement and test systems are indispensable to achieve scalability. Have these considerations already in mind when starting with the proof of concept.

High scalability of your IoT project
Successful with the Microtronics IoT Suite

Successful with the Microtronics IoT Suite

The Microtronics IoT Suite supports you through the entire project and product lifecycle. You are supported in all phases from the conception of your application and the proof of concept to the marketability and operation of your solution.

  • Development tools and development boards
  • Management tools for worldwide distributed operations and services
  • Tools, Services and Know-How for Industrialization

The great added value of the Microtronics IoT Suite is the variety of software and service components. Thanks to the pre-integrated hardware this leads to a faster and more efficient result.

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300 realized IoT projects

300 Projects

Microtronics' innovative IoT technology realizes new business models and creates real added value.

Used in 80 countries worldwide

80 Countries

From Chile, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and China - the Microtronics technology is worldwide used.

Microtronics IoT technology already in use in 50 industries

50 Industries

From wastewater treatment in sewages to monitoring disinfection cycles via smart grid applications, the ecosystem can be used flexibly.

For more than 13 years Microtronics IoT has been realizing projects in the following fields

13 Years

When IoT was still in its infancy, Microtronics already realized its first projects. Benefit today from our wealth of experience!

IoT from the sewage to the hospital!

Connected robotic mower
STIHL iMow – Connected robotic mower

Create mowing plans conveniently via the smartphone, control the mowing robot with just a few clicks or prevent theft - the Internet of Things makes this possible.

Nolta - Smart motor protection plug
NOLTA - Smart motor protection plug

Microtronics technology has been integrated into the NOLTA protection combination. The detected faults and reasons for tripping the motor protection are recorded.

Blog - Energy supply and antenna design
Energy supply and antenna

The power supply and antenna of an IoT device are in a much closer relationship to each other than it may appear at first glance. On the blog we show the connection.

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